The 3-in-1 Customer Review Software for Points of Sale

Gather, analyse and publish your customers’ in-store, e-commerce and product reviews

Store ratings and reviews

Boost your stores’ performance by gathering and sharing customer feedback with your teams and prospects.

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E-commerce reviews

Boost your online performance by supplementing your store reviews with e-commerce customer feedback.

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Product reviews

Boost your sales and reassure your prospects by gathering and publishing customer feedback on the items they have bought and tested.

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Customizable customer satisfaction surveys

Fully-customizable customer satisfaction surveys

After defining your key indicators (CSAT, NPS…), we help you build unique and fully-customized customer satisfaction surveys, with your brand’s look and feel.

  • Chose between rating scale, multiple choice, open-ended, NPS and conditional questions
  • Works on all devices and operating systems
  • Customizable design and URLs
“WizVille helps us learn more about our customers by analysing their written responses to 4 or 5 simple questions. The WizVille team helped us identify the right questions for us and communication with the technical team was very straightforward.”
La Chaise Longue
“Registered loyalty cardholders receive an automated email after check out which gives them access to our survey questions.”
La Chaise Longue

Customer survey broadcasting (Pull and Push)

Let your customers leave feedback at their own initiative (the “Pull” way) or send them an invite (the “Pull” way):

  • QR codes / URLs on your receipts, brochures, POS, paper napkins…
  • Feedback sent by text message, free of charge, to a special number
  • Touch-screen tablets or kiosks placed in your sales outlets let your customers share their feelings in just a click
  • Automated post-purchase surveys sent by email or SMS to registered customers.
Customer Survey Broadcasting
Customer Survey Analysis

Analysis, alerts et reports

Once customer feedback has been gathered, you can check and analyze the data in real-time via your back-office dashboard. Turn your Voice of the Customer reviews and feedback into actionnable customer understanding.

  • Live monitoring: check your customer satisfaction metrics in real-rime with your teams.
  • Data consolidation: cross customer profiles with products purchased for better customer understanding.
  • Targeted dissatisfaction alerts: receive targeted alerts when a customer shares negative feedback.
  • Smart Automated reports: send out targeted reports to local, regional and national managers.
“The huge quantity of feedback we are able to gather means we can base decisions on concrete facts instead of “hunches”. We are able to take immediate action to correct any anomalies and stimulate progress.”
“What’s interesting is the direct connection to the customers. Their answers range from 1 to 10 and in case of a score lower than 6, the store manager gets in touch with the customer by email. This helps resolve the majority of our issues.”
La Chaise Longue

Customer dialogue interface: answer your customers in real-time

When it’s necessary to address feedback shared by a customer (in the case of a dissatisfied customer for instance), WizVille’s customer review software offers a complete ticket-based interface to dialogue and solve the problem:

  • Collaborative interface for teams : monitor progress and collaborate with your teams to solve your customers’ problems easily
  • History : keep track of feedback and interactions with each and every customer
  • User friendliness : customers can interact with a store representative in the way they prefer
WizVille's Customer Dialogue Interface
Verifying Customer Reviews

Publish verified customer reviews (AFNOR “Reliable processing of customer reviews” standard)

Let the world know that your customers are happy thanks to trusted third-party Trustville.

  • Genuine customer reviews: Trustville guarantees that all store, e-commerce and product customer reviews were written by a real customer with proof of purchase (in compliance with AFNOR’s “reliable processing of customer reviews” standard)
  • Company website: publish your customers’ reviews on your website, product pages and “store-locator” in real-time thanks to our badge
  • page referenced by the Google search engine: customer reviews are shared on a dedicated Trustville page
  • Paper badge for window display: each month we send you a paper badge to display in your storefront
“Publishing our reviews online is further proof that our commitment to quality is more than just empty words. Our goal always has been to strive for excellence and by publishing our customers’ reviews online, we are also showing them our respect.”
WizVille's Customer Review Software Screenshot
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