Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Boost your sales by gathering and publishing customer reviews on products bought online or in-store

How it works

WizVille’s product review feature lets users leave product reviews on the items they have bought and tested, no matter which purchase channel was used: e-commerce, physical store, click&collect…

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Why gather and publish your product reviews with WizVille?

Reassure consumers with verified customer reviews

Product reviews are a valuable source of information for consumers. According to a study by IFOP, 80% of customers use customer feedback to learn more about a product or service before purchase. WizVille systematically checks the authenticity of each review with proof of purchase to ensure their authenticity and reliability.

Fine-tune your product catalog

Are your customers really satisfied with the items they purchased? A single faulty product can rattle consumer trust in your brand and product catalog.
By gathering customer feedback about products they have tried and tested, you can ensure that your catalog lives up to their expectations.

Improve your website's online visibility

User-generated content such as product reviews provide your websites with fresh and relevant content, which is taken into consideration by search engines such as Google. By integrating “Rich Snippets”, you will also be able display your product rating stars directly on the search results page and attract further attention to your website.

Improve your conversion rate

90% of consumers who have read online reviews before a purchase say that they influenced their decision. Customer ratings and reviews guide consumers in their choices and boost conversion rates by giving additional, more objective details, about the products you sell.

Monitor your customers' satisfaction

Tastes change and trends come and go. Stay ahead of the game by keeping an eye on your customers’ changing needs by monitoring their satisfaction throughout time. This means you can react quicker than ever, as soon as the first signs of dissatisfaction appear.

Win back unhappy customers

For each customer who complains, 29 others remain silent. Negative customer reviews are invaluable for any brand wishing to reduce attrition. WizVille enables you to automatically request feedback from all of your customers after purchase and gives you the tools you need to win them back.
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