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Boost your business by monitoring your customers’ satisfaction, building trust and winning back unhappy customers

How it works

Continuously evaluate your customers’ in-store experience with WizVille’s customer feedback solution. More than 6000 stores already trust WizVille to collect and manage their in-store reviews.

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Why collect you in-store reviews with WizVille?

Monitor your customers' satisfaction

Monitor your customers’ satisfaction over time. Choose between or combine the criteria of your choice (store layout, cleanliness, friendliness of staff…) or their overall satisfaction regarding your brand. Your dashboard is updated in real time.

Identify areas for improvment

Your clients guide you through the continuous improvement of the experience and services offered in your store. Extra staff? A new range of products? Less waiting at the till? You will find out what matters most to your customers.

Manage your sales teams

More comprehensive than mystery shopper reports and ad hoc satisfaction studies, WizVille’s customer satisfaction surveys indicate where to focus your management efforts and when. With concrete and irrefutable data.

Improve your customer knowledge

Better understand your customers’ needs and wishes and build your databases with WizVille’s customized survey questions. Add your customers’ updated information to your existing CRM (Salesforce, Adobe, Epiphany, 1000mercis …).

Win back unhappy customers

Don’t lose another customer!
WizVille alerts you in real-time whenever a customer leaves a negative review. A user-friendly dialog interface helps you get in touch with unhappy customers and win then back before it is too late.

Discover your NPS score

Find out in real-time what your customers’ NPS score is for each of your sales outlets. WizVille’s customer satisfaction surveys also help you discover exactly who your promoters and detractors are for personalised offers and better segmentation.
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