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A Product Guy’s Take on Hotwire Vs. Vue & React

I’ve had the chance of talking directly to @DHH himself, creator of Ruby on Rails, on the 28th of January, mostly about Hotwire (video at the [...]

[Tech Interview] David Heinemeier Hansson on Remote Working and Innovation since COVID-19

David Heinemeier Hansson​ is not only the creator of our favorite web dev framework Ruby on Rails, but also a NYT bestseller with his books [...]

[Tech Interview] David Heinemeier Hansson Answers our Questions about Hotwire

David Heinemeier Hansson​, creator of Ruby on Rails, cofounder & CTO at Basecamp, but also NYT bestseller and leader of opinion with his books Rework [...]

What impact do sales have on customer satisfaction?

Regulated sales periods account for up to ⅓ of French retailers' turnover and 80% of consumers take advantage of the low prices each year. But what [...]

Fake online consumer reviews : news and solutions

Over 88% of consumers now check customer reviews before a purchase and 84% trust them as much as advice from their loved ones. According to [...]

How to effectively monitor your online customer reviews

After each interaction with your company, your customers have an opinion on the experience you provided. Some keep it for themselves or share it with friends [...]

External factors that influence customer satisfaction

External situations and events can influence your customers' behavior even before they enter your store. Despite your best efforts and all your goodwill, they may [...]

3 customer satisfaction indicators you need to monitor now!

Many indicators can be used to measure and monitor customer satisfaction. But which ones should you favor? These are the three most important customer satisfaction metrics and [...]

You have more unhappy customers than you think

Do you keep track of your unhappy customers by monitoring their complaints? Do you believe that your most loyal customers are also the most satisfied? Do you [...]

How to respond to a weak or falling NPS?

The NPS or Net Promoter Score is an indicator used by companies across all sectors to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty. But analysing the results [...]

Should you be afraid of customer feedback?

Customer feedback is thriving: 31% of consumers give feedback at least once a month on the products and services they have bought and 88% read customer feedback online [...]

Is your company really customer-centric?

Despite the expected increase in customer experience budgets for 2016, a gap remains over the way companies perceive the experience they offer, and the way [...]

A comprehensive guide to feedback management

Gathering customer reviews has become a priority for many retailers, well aware of the impact of customer feedback, not only on their brand image, but also on [...]

WizVille presents its latest innovations at the 2016 Equipmag trade show!

WizVille is once again taking part in the PARIS RETAIL WEEK EQUIPMAG tradeshow, which brings together all major players in the fields of retail, stores [...]

Customer feedback: why fashion brands can no longer afford to ignore it

Etam, Undiz, 1.2.3, Jennyfer, Aigle and Catimini are just some of the brands that rely on WizVille to gather customer feedback both in-store and [...]

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