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Customer satisfaction surveys : 8 tips to double your answer rate

More and more businesses are collecting customer feedback after in-store purchases, but many are disappointed by the low response rates they achieve : 5 - 10% [...]

Top Customer Experience Statistics

Did you know that 80% of businesses believe they offer their customer a superior "experience", but only 8% of their customers agree? You may not [...]

Customer satisfaction: how to innovate and build loyalty in the specialized retail sector

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Faced with growing competition from internet pure-players and volatile customers who are becoming less and less loyal to their local brands, specialized retailers must learn to [...]

Customer feedback : involve your sales teams to increase in-store motivation

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Giving your customers the opportunity to express their thoughts after a purchase is an excellent way of projecting an image of transparency and openness. But [...]

Introducing three new employees: Welcome Yanis, Sophie and Jennifer!

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We announced last month that we would be recruiting 8 new team members in 2016. Three of them have already joined our ranks. Yanis, Research [...]

Introducing Trustville: verified customer reviews for retailers and local tradespeople.

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“The best advertising ever is a satisfied customer” This Bill Gates quote sums up the value of Trustville, the new service launched by Wizville today. According to the [...]

WizVille continues to grow and is set to double its workforce in 2016

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After almost four years of hard work, I’m proud to announce today that Wizville has achieved several important milestones in its development: 5000 points of [...]

Customer reviews : gather feedback to better control it

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Like all businesses your point of sales will, from time to time, be faced with negative online customer reviews. And just one negative review on [...]

Aigle equips its stores and website with WizVille’s customer feedback software

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Aigle, the French footwear and clothing company for those who love the outdoors is collecting post-purchse customer feedback in 70 of its stores and on [...]

Real-time customer feedback: how to efficiently deal with dissatisfactions

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If, like more and more businesses, you have decided to set up a system designed for listening to your customers in real-time, you probably know [...]

WizVille, the Voice of the Customer solution for retailers, on BFM radio

WizVille was invited to radio show "L'entreprise BFM" which aired on May 17th 2015, hosted by Philippe Bloch, founder of "Colombus Café", and Arnaud Le [...]

French fashion brand 1.2.3 partners with WizVille to modernize its customer relations

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Giving a new meaning to customer interactions: French apparel brand 1.2.3. recently set up customer feedback software, WizVille, in 90 of its stores and has [...]

Customer satisfaction: how to create consistency across franchises

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Delivering a positive experience to customers across all points of sale is essential when developing a retail franchise. Just one blunder in a single [...]

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