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WizVille was invited to radio show “L’entreprise BFM” which aired on May 17th 2015, hosted by Philippe Bloch, founder of “Colombus Café”, and Arnaud Le Gal, Managing Editor of “Les Echos”. Founder and CEO of WizVille, Timothée de Laitre, took the opportunity to speak about the innovation that WizVille’s Voice of The Customer programs represents for reatil stores wishing to keep track of the quality of service they provide.

Listen to Timothée’s 24 minute, 15 second interview here:

Listen to the podcast

From left to right, Arnaud Le Gal (Managing Editor, Les Echos), Jean Michel Bénard (ITS Group), Massoud Ayati (, Philippe Bloch (Colombus Café founder), Catherine Barba (CEO CB Group, and author of “Le magasin n’est pas mort”), Timothée de Laitre (CEO WizVille).