Voice of the Customer Experts

Our team of experts assist you in all your VoC projects : from defining your project specifications to creating and managing your VoC programs.

About us

WizVille is an innovative, global company based in Paris, France.

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) real-time customer feedback solution was specifically designed with chains of stores in mind. We offer retailers the opportunity to improve their stores’ performance on a daily basis…by listening to the voice of their customers.

WizVille was awarded the “Young Innovative Company” label, granted to innovative companies by the French Ministry of Research. The company is also a Scientipole Laureate and was incubated in Telecom Paris, which selects, finances and mentors promising innovative companies

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Our convictions and values

We believe that true customer satisfaction can only be achieved by methodically listening to the voice of the customer. That a lasting commercial relationship is based on the continuous control of satisfaction levels. All recent studies show that consumers are more and more demanding, connected and impatient. And this is especially true in retail. Listening to their expectations and measuring their satisfaction is therefore a strategic issue for retailers wishing to give their teams the knowledge and tools they need to provide customers with the best possible experience.

Why choose our Voice of the Customer program?

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Over time, we realized that Voice of the Customer programs for retailers are a very specific matter, and require very specific solutions. These solutions need to be white-label products, they must be interoperable with existing solutions, highly customizable, and easy-to-use at all levels of an organization: local, regional, national and international. We also believe that each retailer is different, and that is why each deployment is preceded by an audit and is closely monitored by a dedicated WizVille project manager with only one goal in mind: the success of your VoC program!

Our software development principles

We think that modern software should adapt to its users and to all devices potentially used (smartphones, tablets, desktop computers). Not the other way around. We also believe in continuous innovation, that’s why our product is constantly improving to remain cutting edge in helping retailers better understand and improve their customer experience.

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