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In the fashion and clothing industry, customers are less and less likely to head to the stores with a particular purchase in mind, and more and more for pleasure shopping.

Physical stores must therefore become places of inspiration and expectations towards sales advisers are evolving accordingly.

Some brands have already encouraged new customer satisfaction strategies, but more widely the “Fashion Customer Experience” is yet to be fully developed. In these circumstances, gathering and analysing customer feedback can play three roles and help:

Why collect your customers’ feedback?


After setting up WizVille’s satisfaction and loyalty program in their stores, our beauty and wellness customers on average attain:


Reply rate


Increase in NPS


Online reputation improvement

They recommend WizVille:

« Our main goal is to always satisfy our customers and thanks to WizVille we are able to imagine new services which truly benefit them and ensure we are always able to offer a differentiating, modern customer experience. »
Laurent Brangeon, Sales Manager
« WizVille is a user-friendly tool which helps our teams gather objective feedback in real-time. The feedback is motivating as it not only shows areas of improvement but also our strengths. It’s a great step forward in our monitoring of the quality of service we provide. »
David Lamarche, Sales Director
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