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Customer feedback software for bakery chains, grocery stores, drugstores, automotive services, opticians, real-estate offices….

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Over and above the practicality of their geographic position, consumers who choose to visit local stores and service providers often do so for the social interactions and quality of services they offer.

By keeping close to their customers and setting up a constant dialogue between them and their brands, local businesses manage to create relationships of trust, which encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Why use WizVille to listen to your customers?

From collecting customer feedback after an in-store purchase, to the data’s reporting and analysis and remote management of local teams, WizVille assists networks of local service providers in setting up a simple yet exhaustive customer feedback system.

Collecting multi-channel customer feedback

  • Assessment of the stores and services provided by registered customers, via customer satisfaction surveys sent out by email or SMS.
  • Customers are given the option to answer customer satisfaction surveys or to spontaneously leave feedback via URL, QR-Code, in-store terminals or tablet devices.

Processing negative reviews

  • Easy management of unsatisfied customers thanks to real-time alerts and monitoring.
  • Customers can choose to change the businesses’ rating after the dissatisfaction has been dealt with.

Managing local teams

  • Weekly or monthly ranking of your local sales points (national, regional and local).
  • Follow-up to action plans set up in each store or point of sales.
  • Entierly customizable reports, sent to the co-workers of your choice.

Our results

After setting up WizVille’s customer feedback system in their stores or points of sales, our clients, local business chains and local service businesses, report on average:


Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Average satisfaction rate


of customers are promoters

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