Specialty Retail Stores and Franchises

Customer Feedback Systems for electrical goods, furniture, toys, childcare stores, garden centers and pet shops…

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WizVille’s customer feedback solution is adapted to the specific needs of specialty retailers.

Electrical goods, sport, child care, toy stores, furnishing, cultural or leisure products…no matter what your field of speciality is, your points of sale must more than ever stand out to compete with e-commerce and increasingly volatile customers.

This is why more and more stores and large specialty retailers are gathering feedback from their in-store customers to improve their range of products and services and boost loyalty.

Why WizVille ?

From gathering customer feedback to processing customer satisfaction data and managing sales teams, WizVille offers a simple yet comprehensive customer feedback management solution for specialty retail chains.

Multi-channel feedback collection

  • Customer satisfaction surveys sent by email or SMS to registered clients, post-purchase.
  • Satisfaction surveys accessible to all customers via URL, QR-Code, in-store terminals or tablet devices for non registered customers.

Gestion des insatisfactions

  • Easy processing and monitoring of customer dissatisfactions with real-time alerts.
  • Customers can rate the store again after dissatisfactions have been processed.

Managing sales forces

  • Local, regional and national ranking of retail outlets.
  • Formulate and assign action plans for frequently-occurring dissatisfactions.
  • Personalized reports for each associate.


After setting up Wizville’s customer satisfaction and loyalty program in their points of sale, our specialized retail clients attain on average:


Reply rate


Positive feedback


Net Promoter Score

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