Take customer experience management
one step further

One platform, four customer experience mangement tools


Deliver the optimal customer experience

Smart customer surveys for every channel

Our satisfaction surveys adapt to all contact channels, so you have the flexibility to survey your customers at the most optimal moment in their journey.

Actionable insights and data for the whole company

From front-line employees to headquarters, your teams get personalised access to our real-time platform, reports and email alerts.

Tools to act and increase satisfaction

Our solution tells you which actions to take first to positively impact satisfaction and best collaborate with your teams to process customer reviews effectively.

Enquête de Satisfaction WizVille
Enquête de Satisfaction WizVille


Capitalize on your customer feedback

Diffusion d'avis clients vérifiés avec Trustville

In Google search results

Get your star ratings in the Google search results and / or on your Google My Business pages.

On your website

Share customer reviews on your site: on your home page to reassure your prospects, on product pages to encourage purchases.

On a TrustVille page

Share your verified customer reviews on a dedicated Trustville page. Trustville is our trusted third-party customer review platform which complies with AFNOR’s NF Z74-501 standard.


Display your customer satisfaction score in your shop window to increase foot traffic and purchases.

Diffusion d'avis clients vérifiés avec Trustville


Track and respond to online reviews

A simple interface to manage all your reviews

View your customers’ Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google MyBusiness reviews for all your locations from a single interface.

Involve your local teams

Delegate the responsibility of replying to reviews to your regional or local employees to get the whole company involved in improving customer satisfaction.

Customer review processing times

Keep track of customer reviews processed by your teams, set alerts and reminders to never leave a negative review too long without an answer.

Centralisation des avis clients publics Google et Facebook
Centralisation des avis clients publics Google et Facebook


Apply customer knowledge to the bottom-line

Etudes et enquetes complementaires ciblées

Follow-up with business prospects

Follow-up with inactive business prospects after a quote request, a business meeting or an abandoned shopping cart…

Inactive customer surveys

Survey customers who haven’t purchased or used your services for a specific period of time and find out how to win them back.

Enrich your customer knowledge

Conduct specific studies to better understand your customers and their behavior. Use this data to harmonize customer relationships.


Test a new product or idea on a representative panel of customers. Co-create your next product line.

Etudes et enquetes complementaires ciblées


yearly NPS increase
increase in purchases for some of our customers
more unhappy customers identified and won back
"Wizville is easy to use and helps our local teams get objective feedback, in real time."David Lamarche, ex-Sales Director EMEA, Aigle International
employees directly involved
in improving customer satisfaction
"Our clients appreciate our commitment to their satisfaction and our agencies are able to optimize the level of service provided."Yann Jehanno, Managing Director, Laforêt Immobilier
"hot prospects"
identified every year
"WizVille helps us measure our customers’ satisfaction in regard to criteria such as quality of service, staff availability and delivery times"Gaëtan Dubuisson, Operations Manager, 5àsec
x 2
Net Promoter Score
after using WizVille for one year

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