E-commerce Reviews

Boost your e-commerce sales by gathering and publishing your customers’ online reviews

How it works

Unlike product reviews which cover the quality of purchased products, e-commerce reviews help gather quality feedback about the online purchase experience: website ergonomics, product range, payment system, delivery…

Why collect your e-commerce reviews with WizVille?

Build trust in your online webstore

Without face-to-face interactions, customers are rightfully wary about the security of online purchases. By displaying verified reviews from satisfied buyers, you will strengthen trust in your brand and increase online conversions. 88% of consumers consult online reviews before buying!

Diffusion d'avis clients vérifiés

Improve your visibility on search engines

Customer reviews have a considerable impact on SEO for e-commerce sites. The dynamic display and renewal of customer reviews on your website means your webpages are continuously updated with new, relevant content, which is taken into consideration by the search engines.

Identify new areas of improvment

From the range of products on offer to your website’s ergonomics or even the delivery of ordered goods, you customers give you quality feedback on all of your online services. You have all the data you need to make adjustments and improve the online experience.

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