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On Google My Business, nothing beats the best rating…

Getting a good rating on Google My Business plays an essential role in building consumer trust. But to attract point-of-sale customers and generate more conversions, the race for a “good star rating” is simply not enough!

We now know that with a difference in rating of only 0.1 points, 50%of consumers nearly always choose the company with the best rating. It is therefore critical to know exactly how you stand against your local competition.

Comparaison avis clients Google My Business
Centralisation des avis clients publics

Compare your local online reputation with that of your competitors

Put yourself in your consumers’ shoes by comparing the Google satisfaction ratings associated to your points of sale with those of your local competitors.
Keeping an eye on your local e-reputation not only allows you to know how you appear to your customers, but also to better understand the impact of public customer reviews on your performance: even the smallest increase or decrease of your Google rating can strongly impact your local foot traffic and conversions …

Compare results throughout your network

To encourage positive emulation around customer satisfaction throughout your network, rank your points of sale according to their e-reputation and local position.
This should help slowly raise your ratings by encouraging competitiveness between points of sale, but also by sharing best practices throughout your network.
Centralisation des avis clients publics

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