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Chains of Stores, Monitor your Locations’ Local Competitors’ Google My Business Ratings

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Welcome to a new world of local reputation management

Today a business’s online reputation is mainly built around its ratings on major customer review platforms. The only way to measure its competitiveness is therefore to compare these ratings to those of its local competitors.

For large retail networks, being able to centralize the competitive positions of its local stores has become a necessity. This is what we call the new world of local reputation management!

Comparaison avis clients Google My Business
Centralisation des avis clients publics

Compare your local online reputation with that of your competitors

Put yourself in consumers’ shoes by comparing the Google My Business ratings associated to your points of sale with those of your local competitors.
Keeping an eye on your local e-reputation not only allows you to know how you appear to your customers, but also to better understand the impact of public customer reviews on your performance: even the smallest increase or decrease of your Google rating can strongly impact your local foot traffic and conversions …

Compare results throughout your network

Measure the performance of your local stores in terms of e-reputation by following the only metric that really matters: their local positioning in terms of customer reviews!
These local benchmarks offer the advantage of helping to create positive emulation within the network and encourage your stores to focus on their local competitive positioning. It encourages competitiveness and helps improve your brand’s results in terms of e-reputation.
Centralisation des avis clients publics
Local Monitor, free competitive intelligence tool

Get a sneak peak with WizVille Local Monitor

With WizVille Local Monitor, your local stores get a free monthly email detailing their position in relation to their local competitors, as well as their evolution over the last few months.
This free service, limited to a maximum of 5 competitors gives you a first taste of how our Local Insight technology can help raise your ratings overtime and motivate your local stores to continuously improve your local customer experiences.

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